Beneteau, established in 1884, created a new brand Monte Carlo and took it to the next level with Monte Carlo Yachts


Only the finest materials, innovations and solutions are applied to each model of Monte Carlo Yachts


Every yacht is singularly designed for each owner to match their specific wishes in order to meet all their needs


The MCY Yachts are elegant, original and built to stand the test of time, they are timeless classics. Our concept of luxury is always a source of inspiration, perfected elegance with functionality, strong technical and innovative content. We create yachts that go beyond passing trends and fads.

At MCY we are totally committed to you by building yachts around our customer’s wishes, each and every one of our motor yachts is the best symbol of luxury and sophistication.


The emperor Diocletian choose Split as the location for his retirement palace 1700 years ago and it was only natural for Monte Carlo Yachts to choose Nautika centar Nava in Split as their representative in this region. Buying a MCY will make you feel like an emperor/empress because of all the customization and options available – as each yacht is built for a particular owner and equipped according to your specific needs and desires.

Here, at Nautika centar Nava’s office, you will understand the philosophy of MCY and the range of luxury available for each yacht and learn more about your favorite models in our cozy office overlooking our private marina.


Our Sales Department has been partaking in the evolution of Beneteau to Monte Carlo to Monte Carlo Yachts for the past decade, as it represents the very best and finest of the french manufacturer combined with Italian style and design. We are devoted to bringing the Monte Carlo Yachts’ future classic to Croatian and Adriatic waters and beyond.

At MCY we are totally committed to you. It’s not just something we say, it’s something we do every day. Open interaction can make all the difference, and you can count on us to be honest, reliable and more than willing to go the extra mile.